Marie Cartier

Author and Co-Producer

Dr. Marie Cartier is more than a professor and author, she’s an artist, activist, and theologian who amplifies stories that might otherwise go unheard. As a fervent advocate for social change, her teachings weave academic rigor with real-world stories. Her seminal book on which this documentary is based, “Baby, You Are My Religion,” delves into the nuanced interplay of spaces, identity, and spirituality, highlighting the transformative power of lesbian bar culture.  Dr. Cartier’s profound academic perspectives meld with her dedication to shining a light on tales of resistance, affection, and unity.

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Kimberly Esslinger

Director and Producer

Kimberly Esslinger is a digital media producer and writer. Her personal journey from the mid-’70s deeply connects her to the lesbian bar culture, reflected in The Homofiles Present… Baby, You Are My Religion. Through her work, she emphasizes authentic narratives and gives voice to marginalized communities.

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