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I wanted to share some news with you all. We are changing the name of the documentary from The HomoFiles to The HomoFiles presents, Baby, You Are My Religion. While the documentary evolved from the public access TV show of the same name, it was always based on Marie’s book. I also felt the title was too broad for the subject of this documentary. After discussing with Marie, we agreed to revise the title.

WeHo Lesbian Panel Series

I want first thank everyone for coming to the WeHo Lesbian Panel Series – September 19, 2016. It was great to see you all and make some new acquaintances as well. Also, a very special thank you to the City of West Hollywood and The Mazer Lesbian Archives for sponsoring this event.

And finally, thank you to our panelists, Marna Deitch, Tanyna Gilbert, and Nancy Valverde for coming out and sharing your stories with us. I always learn something new.

WeHo Lesbian Panel Series: Baby, You Are My Religion

Photo cred: John Erickson

Here are some excerpts from the event.

Video: Marie’s Article on Gay Bars and Orlando |

Video: Marie Reads Myrna’s Story |

Upcoming Events

By the time you read this, Marie will have presented at both Triangle Square, Cal State LA, and The Oral History Association Conference. However, in November she will be presenting at the American Academy of Religion in Texas with Carolyn Weathers. There will also be a bus tour of gay bars based on Carolyn Weather’s stories and archives. Stay tuned!

Not Quite There Yet… Crowd Funding Campaign

A lot of folks have asked if we have a Kickstarter campaign, and the answer has always been “not yet.” But now the answer is, we’re almost ready. We are currently prepping for a launch and we need your help expanding our reach by doing the following:

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So thanks again everyone! Keep an eye out for more news in the coming months. Please share this newsletter with others in your circle.

To close in the words of my friend Carolyn (also one of our featured people)…

Cheers Everybody!

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