Dr. Marie Cartier is a co-producer, advisor, narrator/host, and writer for The HomoFiles documentary and television series. The HomoFiles is based on her dissertation and popular book, “Baby, You are My Religion.” Her interviews are in-depth and compelling. She is a captivating and entertaining storyteller.

Dr. Marie Cartier is a scholar, visual/performance artist, queer activist, poet and theologian. She has been active in many movements for social change. Marie teaches at UC Irvine in the Film & Media Studies Department and CSU Northridge in Women’s Studies. She recently finished her Ph.D. in Religion from Claremont Graduate University, with an emphasis on Women and Religion: feminist queer gender. She has published several articles regarding the possible sacrality of the butch femme community at the mid-century. She has three Master of Fine Arts Degrees – Film, Theater, and Visual Art. She currently exhibits her installation performance MORGASM, the Museum of Radical Gender and Sex Matrix, which explores female orgasm in a museum context. Marie is also a black belt and the founder of the Dandelion Warrior Movement. She was named “2009 Woman Artist of the Year” by the website, www.BeautyandtheBabyArt.com

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