The HomoFiles is a feature length documentary based on the scholarly work of Dr. Marie Cartier and the award-winning interview program of the same name that explores the lives of women who came out as gay girls from the 1940s to 1969, pre-Stonewall, and talk about their experiences inside the bar, and their lives outside, in context of family, religion and the cops.

Before there was Stonewall, there were juke joints, supper clubs, piano bars, bar bars, and more dotted across an invisible map of America. From Chicago to Louisville to New York City to Roanoke to San Antonio, and on to Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco and all places in between, gay girls and lesbians were gathering in bars, creating community, finding love, and making family which was at that time against the law, and grounds to be placed involuntarily into mental institutions or jail.

What we find through theinterviews, that for many, these bars were more than a place to drink or socialize, for these women who had nowhere else to go where they could be themselves; the bar was like “coming home.”